Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Multi-Media Observations

I failed to mention that I saw another Comcast Local college baseball production last week. It was Notre Dame hosting IPFW. The coverage was significantly better than their previous effort. Everyone involved in the production had a better game than the IU @ MSU affair I witnessed prior. If I'm going to hammer them when they do poorly, I should offer praise when they improve. Nice job, CL.

I remain confused about the programming choices at the three Fox College Networks, though. I'm still seeing games repeated countless times. We are getting high school coverage far too often and just plenty of non-baseball coverage all the way around. I even think the softball ladies are getting overlooked. (Although, I'm going to pull a Keith Hernandez here and say I think there have been more live softball games on FCS stations then baseball.)

One other media thought. XM Radio has about six stations dedicated to either Big Ten or Pac 10 coverage. Instead of broadcasting commercials or telling me that nothing is on these stations currently, why not pick up some live baseball audio? If I can get college radio feeds online, why don't the conferences take advantage and broadcast the signal worldwide on XM? Does it cost that much?