Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tweeting Big Ten Baseball

Perhaps you've heard of the phenomenon known as Twitter. Me? As of this evening, I have somehow managed to stay Twitter-free. Although, I've been known to mention it sarcastically from time-to-time.

However, as I know many of you are regular users of this rapidly growing social network and, as part of my objective here is to share information about Big Ten baseball, I've decide to include a new section in my sidebar for Big Ten baseball-related Twitter feeds.

I should make special note of two of the links. Valerie Todryk Krebs is the Big Ten's Assistant Director of Communications in charge of baseball, women's basketball and volleyball. Those that read the Big Ten's weekly baseball press release (that's all of you, right?) might recognize her name from that communication.

The second Twitter link of note is one to Wisconsin baseball. While the Badgers remain without a varsity baseball program someone in Badgerland obvious isn't pleased by this fact. For that reason alone they deserve a link.

If you know of some other Twitter links I should include (remember they must be Big Ten baseball-related at this stage) or want to convince me why I should jump on the Twitter train, drop me an old-school email.