Sunday, April 19, 2009

Construction Zone

Yes, you are in the right place. I've felt like the blog needed a new coat of paint, so I've been tinkering with some new templates today.

Is this the final look? Perhaps. Perhaps, not. If you show up and the blog looks entirely different, then you'll know I'm not quite satisfied with its current design.


kowisja said...

Blinding white!

I like the plain, but I feel it needs a header/banner with something baseball-pastoral.

Shrinking the Archives to drop down menus per year could help. Right now its one heck of a long list, and you don't even have your normal links up that will increase the length.

Just thoughts.

Brian said...

I'm still tinkering with Blogger template options. I'm no web designer, so I'm somewhat stuck with whatever options Blogger provides.

I've run four different templates out today. Is this current one (with the light blue header), the one you find so blinding white?

I appreciate the thoughts.

kowisja said...

The current one I see (different from earlier) is the blue header with the darker blue squares mixed in it. Wave on the gray side. I like this a little better.

I'm no web designer either and don't really know much about CSS or otherwise. It just seems like there should be something baseball-y on a baseball blog.

Finding the right picture could be tough though.

Chris Webb said...

I like this.

I was worried at first you would lose all of the links to the right.

Chris said...

It loads A LOT faster for me now. I don't know what was slowing the older version down, though.

BaseballBucks33 said...

The new page does not look bad,but what ever you do keep all the links on the right. Those are so easy to use.

Anonymous said...

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