Monday, July 16, 2007

Oakland Lands Coach, Media Attention

(Editor's Note: Most of you know that I had the academic equivalent of a cup of coffee at Oakland University. As such, I follow their athletic program. This habit occasionally leads to me posting something about OU baseball here at Big Ten Hardball. This is another one of those moments.)

Oakland has hired a new head baseball coach, John Musachio. Musachio was elevated to the head coaching gig after being the program's hitting coach and recruiting coordinator. He replaces Dylan Putnam who resigned.

If the stats are any indication, Musachio did an excellent job with the hitters. OU batters appeared amongst the conference leaders in nearly every major offensive category this past season. Often times, more than one Golden Grizzly was in the top ten in a category. (You are going to have to take my word for that as the new Summit League website didn't cough up any stats when I clicked on the link. Let's be honest, though. Who else would know that much about OU's hitters?)

On the heels of Musachio's promotion comes a column from Pat Caputo of The Oakland Press. The veteran journalist, and BBWAA, member suggests that OU's baseball program has big-time potential. Not surprisingly, I concur with Mr. Caputo's thesis.

It's not often I get to talk about OU baseball, let alone something positive, so please indulge me this blatantly partisan post.