Friday, July 06, 2007

Michigan Is Fitt For Omaha

Baseball America's Aaron Fitt takes his guess at the 2008 College World Series field. Fitt suggests that Michigan will be in Omaha next June. We've got Aaron's vote for the Wolverines and Sorenson's vote for the Buckeyes as 2008 CWS participants. Amazing, amazing stuff. Two national writers predicting different Big Ten teams in Omaha? Oh, how things have changed in 365 days.

I'll be interested to see if any of this end-of-the-year euphoria about northern baseball translates into the pre-season polls (and predictions). Regardless, I'm more excited than normal for next season. The big questions now is "Where in Omaha am I going to stay?"

Hat tip to BTH reader Chuck for pointing me towards Fitt's predictions.