Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Three More Years In Columbus

The Big Ten has announced that Columbus will continue to host the conference's baseball tournament through 2012. While Huntington Park, the site for this year's tourney, will host the Big Ten tournament again in '11 and '12, Bill Davis Stadium, Ohio State's home field, gets the honor in 2010 due to a scheduling conflict.

While I'm glad to see the conference schedule the tournament for several years in advance, I remain in favor of rotating venues throughout the Midwest. There is no shortage of high quality minor league parks within the Big Ten's footprint. I realize things are never quite as easy as they seem, but I'd like to think that the conference could find a host city that wasn't also home to a Big Ten institution.

All that said, let me offer two reasons why I'm okay with the tourney staying in Columbus for three more years. Reason #1: By all accounts, Columbus did a very good job hosting the event in 2009. Sure, there were a few complaints, there always are, but most were minor and the overall reaction I received was clearly positive.

Reason #2: Not only did C-bus do a good job in year one, but city officials want the tourney at their house. I'm not sure how the selection process works, but it's been clear from Day One that Columbus coveted the role. I presume this announcement signifies that C-bus officials continue to make the best offer.

I still favor a true neutral site, but Columbus clearly offers the Big Ten something they aren't getting anywhere else. As such, the tournament is going to stay put for three more years.

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NewHoosierFan said...

I don't think I have a problem with long as the Hoosiers walk away as champions every year!!

(Go Big 10!)