Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Couple Of Requests

In surfing the college baseball spectrum, I've come across a couple of requests. The first is from Eric Sorenson. Seems his former employers at CBS asked Eric if he would provide some material wrapping up the regionals. Eric obliged and now requests some assistance from us. He would like you to click on the link to his column.

The basic premise here is that we are trying to show the gurus at CBS that someone besides Big E cares about college baseball. Let's face it, the mainstream sports media avoid college baseball like the plague. (As such, you get stuck with hacks like me trying to fill in the blanks.) If Eric's column at CBS can generate enough traffic, perhaps, just perhaps, they might devote more space to the sport. And, if they move forward, maybe other .com's might follow.

At minimum, Eric might be able to reclaim a paycheck from CBS (or someone else) and I think that's a concept we can all appreciate right now. So, let's help him, and college baseball, out. Go to his site. Here's the link. Once at E's internet home, click on the link in the column. Spend a few minutes reading his work at CBS (yes, even if you read it originally at his site) and go about your day. Or, better yet, you can help out another college baseball fan.

The Big Ten's Valerie Todryk-Krebs is asking you what your favorite moment of the Big Ten baseball season was. Here's another opporunity to show some decision makers that people are passionate about college baseball. In this case, it's right in our own backyard. You can overflow Valerie's inbox with your favorite moments and she can show her supervisors at the Big Ten your overwhelming response. If they get the notion that there's a hungry fanbase out there, who knows where it might lead?

Her request appears in a post dated June 1 at the Big Ten's baseball blog. The email address she wants you to use is

We can complain all we want about the inequities in college baseball. From the lack of media coverage to the imbalance in scheduling to the NCAA Tournament selection process. Yet, at some point, we have to do our part. We have to give the powers-that-be a reason to care about college baseball. That begins by demonstrating our support for the game. Eric and Valerie have given us an opportunity to do just that. I encourage you to participate in their requests.

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