Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Results

Illinois' trip to Texas Tech was completed canceled due to travel problems. Northwestern's set at Louisville got snowed out. Yes, snow in the 'Ville. Those have been the only games knocked off today's docket.

Somehow, Purdue's finale at # 20 Kentucky is going on. Either it didn't snow as hard in Lexington as it did Louisville or they have snow removal equipment. It's 0-0 in the 2nd.

Michigan righted the ship against Pittsburgh today. The Wolverines prevailed, 7-0. Chris Fetter worked seven shut out innings, giving up just one hit and striking out 11 Panthers. SS Jason Christian and Nate Recknagel, who caught on Sunday, each homered and drove in a pair of runs. Derek VanBuskirk had two hits, a run scored, a RBI and stole a base.

Missouri State is up on Iowa, 8-3. It's the seventh inning. They are going to try and play two today.

Ohio State beat Connecticut, 6-4. Shuck (2-1) tossed six innings of one-hit, no-run baseball. The lefty walked three and struck out three. Jake Hale pitched three innings of relief and posted the save. 1B Justin Miller had a pair of hits and two RBI.

Indiana and Fresno State are tied at 1-1 in the first inning.

The remainder of today's schedule isn't underway yet.


rockybuckeye said...

My how down our conference is this year.

I really can't see us being more than a 1 bid league. Nobody has done anything at all to show they deserve an at-large. In its 3 huge quality games, Michigan is 0-3, losses to Portland and Ga Southern are embarassing.

Ohio State did play Ark and TAMU close but losses to Air Force and Maine are just as bad as the 2 Michigan losses.

Purdue who I had 6th/7th fighting with MSU for the last BT tourney spot is 0-7.

Preseason I had

Top 3 are still the same, though not impressive, but after that it's probably
MSU 4th
PSU 5th
Indiana 6th surprisingly.

Nice blog btw. I'm usually at the Buckeye Nine, but this allows us to catch up around the league.

Brian said...


I hesitate to make too many blanket statements this early on, but it's difficult to argue any of your thoughts at this point.

Right now, this season is playing out as a "worst case scenario" -- a one-bid league.

About the only possible way the conference lands two bids is if Michigan rebounds and wins the regular season title in dominant fashion, thus regaining some national respect and RPI points.

Then, somebody else captures the conference tourney and Michigan might get an at-large bid based on their preseason expectations. Maybe.

Oh, I suppose the same could be said of OSU or Minnesota -- they dominate the regular season (like losing only one or two games) and somebody else wins the conference tourney and voila, two bids.

It's all a stretch, I admit. Thankfully, we have plenty of baseball left to be played.

I do want to say three nice things:

MSU has taken down three pretty good clubs -- Stetson, Western Carolina and Rice. If they can get pitching, they could be very interesting.

I also believe IU has more than enough talent to get in the top six.

If Iowa can beat Vandy, they can probably handle most of the conference.

Thanks for reading, commenting and the kind words about the blog, rockybuckeye.

rockybuckeye said...

Oh no problem at all. I've traveled the Midwest the last 2 seasons taking in games, and its nice to have places to release and get other opinions.

If you want I can provide pictures nearly every weekend of games being played or other recaps. Just anything to further promote Big Ten baseball.

You're correct I did throw a lot blanket statements, just as a Buckeye fan, and Big Ten fan it has been disappointing thus far.

Everyone knew of Michigan's win against Vandy, Putnam's no-no for 8 2/3 on eventual champ Oregon State, Minny and OSU also making the NCAA for 3 Big Ten teams. Michigan returned vertually everyone and most figured with their offense and 1-2 of Putnam and Wilson they're legit top 10 team... eh hold that thought.

Naturally as a Buckeye we tend to slight Michigan, bias aside I was very concerned about their pitching. Their were rumors going around the Cape about Putnam refusing to pitch, and his desire being gone... not a good thing for your ace, Wilson had good 07 numbers but I believe for awhile he was a mid-week pitcher, mostly throwing against EMU, Central Mich and so on. Still they have the bats right? Well being held to 3 runs twice by Portland and Ga Southern is never good. Point being I think unfortnately they lost a lot of respect. The "Big Boys" saw what they did against ASU, and the RPI is going to reflect the bad losses.

Its not all Michigan's fault, Minny was absolutely rocked by Ole Miss, and my Buckeyes after losing in close games to TAMU and Arkansas, lost embarassing games to Maine and Air Force.

There s plenty of season left, heck we haven't reached conference play, so maybe I should be more optimisitc about those 3.

Purdue I have no idea what is wrong.

MSU is doing relatively well. Pitching is a huge concern as you mentioned, they have hit 22 batters, 22 HBP in 12 games, plus 18 wild pitches. I thought for sure they would be alright on the mound with the return of Sorensen, but as of right now its been a struggle.

I mentioned this on the OSU blog and I'm sure you've noticed it as well.

-Northwestern is leading the conference in batting a .350, but 9th in ERA at 6.18.

-Purdue is leading the conference in ERA 4.25, but last in hitting at .207.

Just found that interesting.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Cool blog, Lots of good info amd very cool links. Nice to be able to talk to other Big Ten baseball fans.

I too am a Buckeye fan and found you from Buckeye Nine blog. Nice work!

Wow! had not heard about Putnam not wanting to pitch in the Cap Cod last summer.That is an intersting time to not want to pitch.A lot of MLB eyes around.I thought maybe he got hurt.

Was quite a suprise Michigan did not score more runs this past weekend. You can't be on your A game every weekend, ask my Buckeyes.They did play East Carolina tough saturday. I think you are right rockey, they did lose some respect around the country.

Nice to see the Spartans beat Rice and Western Carolina. Rice is in the Top 5 in the country. I really like Coach Grewe at MSU. From what i saw he was great as Coach Mainieri right hand man at Notre Dame. I also like Steve Gerstenberger, a great kid and good ball player. He played summer ball in Columbus

Well i am kinda rambling on and on. Very cool blog, keep up the good work.

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